Cyclone Remal in Bangladesh
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Cyclone Remal in Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal in Bangladesh

Updated 30 May 2024

The Situation

Severe cyclonic storm Remal made landfall on Sunday, May 26, with windspeeds of 135km per hour between the coasts of India and Bangladesh. The cyclone claimed the lives of at least 16 individuals (as of 30th May) across six districts, while directly impacting 3.7 million people. The destruction was widespread, with approximately 35,000 homes obliterated and 110,000 structures sustaining damage across 19 coastal districts.

The cyclone’s impact has severely disrupted access to essential services. Nearly 20 villages in Jhalakathi and the entirety of Nijhum Dwip are isolated due to flooded roads. Power outages have left approximately 27 million people in the dark in Barishal and Khulna divisions, causing around 15,000 cell towers to go offline.

Agriculture has also suffered a significant blow, with the destruction of crops, vegetables, and fruits, as well as damage to fish farms, poultry, and livestock. The incursion of water into coastal areas has upended the lives of the local populace, with ongoing rains leading to severe waterlogging in multiple locations.

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Oxfam's immediate response

Oxfam and its partners have initiated the emergency response in the hardest-hit areas, including Patuakhali, Barguna and Cox's Bazar. Distribution of food, water, and shelter materials to affected families has begun. Anticipatory cash grants have been disbursed to over 600 households to help them meet their immediate needs.

“The increasing intensity and frequency of such cyclones in the region are forcing communities to rebuild their lives within ever-shorter periods. We are committed to working closely with our partners and the government to implement climate adaptation strategies that will empower communities to withstand the climate crisis,” stated Asish Damle, Country Director of Oxfam in Bangladesh.

Our immediate goal is to reach 35,000 victims of the flooding in Barguna and Patuakhali districts with Multi-Purpose Cash Grants, clean water, hygiene kits, Oral Rehydration Saline, and temporary shelter materials within the next three months.

As the recovery process unfolds, Oxfam calls upon the support and solidarity of individuals and organizations in addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis. With over 3 million people affected and 800,000 evacuated from the affected areas, the scale of the disaster underscores the urgency of the response.