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Oxfam Hunger Lunch

Oxfam Hunger Lunch

About 9 million people suffer from chronic hunger even though there is enough food grown to feed every single person in the world.

Oxfam Hong Kong invites primary and secondary schools to host an Oxfam Hunger Lunch – a way to feel, through one's own stomach, the huge gap between poor, hungry people and rich, well-fed people.

Light Lunch:
Students and teachers bring a simple lunch – maybe a slice of bread, a piece of fruit – to get a sense of what it feels like to be a poorer person without food.

Poor-Rich Lunch:
Arrange a lavish meal for only a few people, and a very simple lunch for the vast majority: this shows the true inequality of the food situation in the world.

Skip a Lunch:
Students and teachers eat nothing for lunch – only a drink such as water or soy milk. For one day, people can experience how impoverished people might feel as they go hungry.

Student and teachers can set their own fundraising targets. Donations will be used in Oxfam Hong Kong's projects around the world. Oxfam can also arrange representatives to give a talk on "Hunger and Poverty" during your school's Oxfam Hunger Lunch event, to help students learn more about hunger and poverty.

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