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School Activity

Oxfam's Education activities aim to engage the public through experiential and exploratory forms, offering an alternative perspective on poverty, raising awareness on global poverty issues, and cultivating empathy. Over the years, we have organized more than 4,300 events, attracting over 130,000 participants.

Key features of our activities include:

4 Interactive Approaches:Interactive theater, community visits, simulated experiences, and sensory journeys.

4 Main Themes:local poverty, global wealth disparity, environment and sustainable development, and conflict and multiculturalism.

Application for the 2023 /24 academic year activities is now open!

Target Audience:

Suitable for kindergarten studnets to college students. Welcome to application from both schools and institutions. Families, members of the public, and corporates can also participant as groups.

Key Feature of the activities include:

Fostering empathy: Participants are encouraged to empathize with the experiences of marginalized communities through diverse methods, such as theatrical experiences and community visit.

Deepening discussions: Some workshops feature grassroots individuals or ethnic minorities as mentors. This not only allows them to showcase their expertise and empower them but also helps to deepen discussions with students base on their personal experiences.

Global perspective: The activity design is based on the project experience and research of Oxfam international alliances, this helps to guide participants to reflect on the relationship between global developments and local poverty.

For enquiry and contact:  
: (852) 3120 5180
: (852) 2527 6213