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We believe that aid on its own does not solve poverty in the long run. Through a multi-dimensional approach of community development, policy advocacy and public education, Oxfam Hong Kong works to enhance poor people’s ability to improve their lives, to gain better access to resources, and to get out – and stay out – of poverty. Oxfam goes to the root of poverty and inequality, such as trade imbalances, poor governance, discrimination against women and minority groups. Oxfam works closely with governments, NGOs, companies, schools, and various types of organisations in the fight against poverty.

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Hong Kong 

Raise Funds, reduce poverty!Raise funds, reduce poverty! 

Raise Funds, Reduce Poverty!

The donations raised by “Raise Funds, Reduce Poverty!” will be allocated equally to support poor and vulnerable groups in Hong Kong and India affected by COVID-19.

AEAmerican express

American Express Membership Rewards

For every redemption of 20,000 points, American Express will donate HK$60 to Oxfam.

Tencenttencent foundation 

Tencent Foundation 1:1 Donation Matching

During 1-10 September 2022, donations made via WeChat Pay HK to Oxfam Hong Kong will be matched by Tencent Foundation on 1:1 basis to double the impact. The maximum matching fund will be HK$500,000.

Asia Miles Asia miles 

Social Goods Redemption Program

You can now use your mileage to redeem Oxfam Unwrapped gifts to empower people who live in poverty. Your gift will go directly to the project you have selected. Redeem a gift now and change a life! 

King Yat Hin King Yat Hin 

Oxfam Unwrapped Gifts for Banquet Packages

With purchase of Oxfam Unwrapped table and thank you card bundles through King Yat Hin’s banquet package, proceeds will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong to improve the lives of people living in poverty.


Tradelink Bonus Point Donation Program

Tradelink Members can convert their bonus points into charity donation to Oxfam through our Membership Reward Program. Every a little makes a mickle, the program accepts small donations from as low as 150 bonus points!


Storefriendly Sponsors Storage Units 

Storefriendly offers storage units to our beneficiary families that live in subdivided units so they can move their non-essential belongings to the storage units and free up the space for a desk for the children to study and move about.

Twinkle dance ITECH (ASIA)

Itech (Asia) Training Fees Donation

All the training fees of the designated CPD courses will be donated by Itech (Asia) Co. Ltd. without deduction of any costs.

shangri-laShangri-La Circle 

Make a Difference

Spend your Shangri-La Circle Points on a charity close to your heart and make your reward a priceless one.




PizzaExpress Macau - Cares for Children Donation Program

With every purchase of the "PICCOLO Meal" at PizzaExpress Macau, PizzaExpress Macau will donate MOP6 to Oxfam's education and left-behind children projects, protecting and educating disadvantaged children in China.

INSURANCEMacau insurance company

Macau Insurance - HappyTrip Insurance Plan

Macau residents who purchase travel insurance through Macau Insurance’s website can donate to Oxfam at the end of the application process. Please support Oxfam’s poverty alleviation work worldwide to build a world without poverty!


CTM Bonus Points Donation Scheme

For every 4,0000 bonus points redeemed, CTM will make a donation of HK$30 to Oxfam. Oxfam serial no.: 719


BCM x Oxfam Credit Card

Spend and support the world against inequality! Every time you spend with Oxfam in Macau Credit Card, BCM bank will donate 0.3% of the spending amount to Oxfam to support them to achieve the ultimate goal of a poverty-free world.


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