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Together Empower

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Alone, we can only do a little.
Together, we can do a lot in the fight against poverty.

There’s more to poverty than meets the eye. That’s why we’re inviting the public to rethink it on 17 October – the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – and beyond, and to fight it with us.

The theme — ‘Together Empower!’ — represents how togetherness and partnership can bring about empowerment, which in turn enables those from low-income backgrounds to unleash their talent and potential. Poverty is a complex and multifaceted issue, and there is no single way to address it. By working together with people living in poverty to build resilience in adversity though, we can create a long-lasting and positive impact in the fight against poverty.

You can support our local and global anti-poverty work by learning about poverty, joining our future events and donating!

Rethink Poverty.Empowerment Market

Rethink Poverty.Empowerment Market has come to a close and was a wonderful opportunity for those from low-income backgrounds to display their talent. It also brought together people form all walks of life to fight poverty together!



Poverty is complex and looks different in different contexts. Listen four audio stories about poverty narrated by Terence Lam Ka Him, Amber Au, Manson and Cloud Wan.



Poverty isn’t just about hunger, nor is it about the lack of money. Climate change has led to more frequent and extreme weather events. What impact is this having on communities living in poverty?