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2018-12-09Oxfam: Introduce HK$54.7/hr living wage to ensure decent standard of living
2018-11-22Oxfam awarded Jinju Award for the second time (Chinese only)
2018-11-18Oxfam Trailwalker 2018 ended with 4,228 people completing the 100 km trail
2018-11-16Gone Running-Joint Dynamics completes Oxfam Trailwalker 2018 first
2018-11-16OXFAM TRAILWALKER 2018
Bernard Chan, Peter Crewe, Wong Kam Sing to officiate kick-off ceremony
Around 20 business leaders to join Leaders Against Poverty Walk
Celebrities, visually and hearing-impaired, and domestic helper teams to take up 100 km challenge to fight poverty
2018-11-05Oxfam Trailwalker 2018 Press Conference Bernard Chan, AIA Vitality, Dixon Wong, On Chan and Regen Cheung to share stories of transformation
2018-10-28「樂施競跑旅遊塔」今日舉行 逾320位健兒成功挑戰1,298級樓梯
2018-10-22樂施大使廖偉雄響應「公平咩」活動與清潔工友交流打氣 呼籲關注香港不公平狀況
2018-10-10樂施會對2018/19年度施政報告的回應 政府需正面應對香港貧富差距 增加惠及基層的政府經常性開支
2018-10-09Global index reveals governments split between fighting and fueling inequality
2018-10-04Oxfam scales up response to deadly Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
雷霆881郭志仁、叱咤903 梁文禮、急急子
用戲劇探討「公平咩」 難啃黑心「宰羊瘋味」(Chinese only)
港澳群星拱照 小肥、歐陽日華、周家耀、黎學勤、吳雲甫、陳安立聯同澳門友邦保險 最後呼籲 截止報名9月28日
2018-09-25Inequality alarming as city’s richest earn 44 times more than poorest
樂施大使小肥、澳門演藝人協會歐陽日華、周家耀、香港演藝人黎學勤聯同友邦保險(國際)有限公司 呼籲市民報名參與 跑塔滅貧
2018-08-21Disastrous Kerala floods causes devastating damage and displaces 220,000 people
Oxfam rushes life-saving aid to affected areas and launches urgent appeal
2018-08-11OXFAM TRAILWALKER promotes new measure to encourage reduction of food waste and refuse
2018-08-01Oxfam Hong Kong will not tolerate the abuse of power or any form of misconduct
2018-07-24Oxfam reaction to announcement on end of Ebola in DRC