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"Infinity Walker" mobile app

Infinity Walker

About Infinity Walker

Infinity Walker is Oxfam Hong Kong’s brand-new hiking/running mobile app. By completing various missions and reaching certain milestones, you can earn points and badges. With the points you earn, you can redeem rewards, enjoy exclusive offers or even donate to Oxfam Hong Kong. This app is better when you use it with friends, so invite them to complete missions with you and earn more points together! 


Download Now

iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/hk/app/infinity-walker/id1458328401

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.org.oxfam.infinitywalker



- For iOS users, Infinity Walker will obtain activity data (i.e. steps and distance) from HealthKit.* Users will thus have to grant Infinity Walker permission to read their HealthKit activity data, so Infinity Walker can calculate the number of steps and distance users walk each day.

- For Android users, Infinity Walker will obtain data from Google Fit and will require users to grant permission to obtain their Google Fit data (i.e. steps and distance)* to calculate the number of steps and distance users walk each day. Users are asked to make sure Google Fit has been installed on their phones before registering for an Infinity Walker account.

*Users can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service under “Settings”.





Infinity Walker Features



Shows a summary of the user’s achievements in the app, including the total distance they have walked each day.



- Lists out all available missions. Users are automatically signed up for each mission. Users are asked to pay attention to the details to see how the mission can be completed.

- Users will earn points automatically once they have completed each mission.

- Users need to form a team on the app in order to complete the team mission.



- Under this tab, users can find 'Map', 'Competition' and 'Leaderboard here'.

- For 'Map', users can pick a route for the team and finish the route together for completing the route mission. (Only the team leader can set the route for each team mission while team members can only give suggestions. Each team can only pick one route at a time.) Users can only view route details when they have formed a team. After a route is selected by the leader, members can begin the mission by selecting it on this page when they are at the starting point of the route. At the end point of the route, users have to press 'Finish' in order to complete the route. All members of a team must finish the selected route within the time limit to successfully complete a mission.

- For 'Competition', users can view the competition for this week. They can compete with other teams for each specific competition. Team could only choose to compete with one team at one single moment. The team who win the competition can get the points for the specific competition.

- For 'Leaderboard', users can view how other teams or individuals are performing in a month. 



- Create a team with Infinity Walker friends and view team invitations here.

- View team members’ daily activity data and team achievements here. Teams can change their settings (e.g. change team name and profile, quit team, cancel team, etc.) here too.



- Users can view the rewards they can redeem here.


Side menu

- Users can change their profile picture, display name and language setting here.

- Users can find out who of their contacts have registered on this app and can add them as a friend on the app.

- Users can also share the Infinity Walker app with their friends on this page.

- Users can make donation to Oxfam Hong Kong's project by clicking the 'e-donation'.

- Users can make use of the 'team chat' function for chatting with team members.


Notifications (top right corner)

- Shows the latest news or updates regarding Infinity Walker and the user’s account.

(Users can only view the information on this page.)

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