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We believe that aid on its own does not solve poverty in the long run. Through a multi-dimensional approach of community development, policy advocacy and public education, Oxfam Hong Kong works to enhance poor people’s ability to improve their lives, to gain better access to resources, and to get out – and stay out – of poverty. Oxfam goes to the root of poverty and inequality, such as trade imbalances, poor governance, discrimination against women and minority groups. Oxfam works closely with governments, NGOs, companies, schools, and various types of organisations in the fight against poverty.

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Oxfam Corporate Donor Programme

  • Oxfam Corporate Donor Programme is a year-round integrated programme. It provides a platform for companies to make a difference to the society and to achieve their CSR goals.
  • Be an Oxfam partner to support our development works in poverty alleviation.


Oxfam Events Calendar

Support our regular major fundraising activities below to get involved. Even more, we can work with you to have your own tailor-made corporate events!

Hong Kong

Jan-Feb Oxfam Lai See Donations Campaign
May Oxfam Rice Event
Oct Oxfam Anniversary (Fundraising programme for "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty")
Nov Oxfam Trailwalker
Dec Oxfam Card (Special Day / Greetings Cards)



Jan-Feb Oxfam Lai See Donation Campaign
May-Jun Oxfam Rice Sale
Aug-Oct  Fundraising events for "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty"
Sep  Oxfam Towerrun
Dec  Oxfam Card (Special Day / Greetings Cards)

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Words from our Partners

‘When I got in touch with Oxfam, and learnt more about their education work in China, I thought both my company and Oxfam could work together to use our resources in a systematic way to achieve further outcomes.

- FountainVest Partners (Asia) Limited

'As a trustworthy agency with clear and specific goals in poverty alleviation, Oxfamimpresses us with their strong-organisation ability and their attention to details. The agency is also concerned about food and hunger issues, which resonate with DCH’s business and corporate social responsibility goals'.

'In choosing partner organisations, we emphasise that they should be transparent and accountable, and that they should use donation funds wisely and have a good measures for monitoring how they are used.  We will continue to actively support Oxfam’s activities'.

- Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited


For partnership opportunities, please contact

Hong Kong
Christine Ng Tel: (852) 3120 5263 / Email:

Crystal Chan Tel: (853) 2875 7590 / Email:
Frosti Ho Tel: (853) 2875 7560 / Email: