Greetings from Director General

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I am honoured and excited to be heading Oxfam Hong Kong at this important time. I look forward to building on our experience and past successes to lead Oxfam Hong Kong towards our vision of a ‘World without Poverty.’ We at Oxfam believe we can achieve this by rallying support from all who share our vision in Hong Kong and Greater China to join us on this challenging journey. 

We have worked hard to strengthen the invaluable development partnerships we have built in China and around the world over the years. As we move into our fortieth year, we are committed more than ever to continue doing so by exploring innovative and sustainable ways to eradicate poverty and its related injustices. 

Oxfam Hong Kong has a strong international network of partners working towards the same goal. This network has enabled us to exchange experiences and collectively work to achieve positive change for people living in poverty, wherever they are in the world. I also hope to strengthen Oxfam Hong Kong’s contribution to the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets for big progress in poverty reduction, equality, rights and environmental stability by the year 2030. 

When the world’s leaders met in September 2015 to finalise the SDGs, they put out a statement which included a bold message: ‘We can be the first generation to succeed in ending poverty.’ I believe Oxfam Hong Kong can and must be an important member of that generation.

Trini Leung

Director General